Internet Resources


The following are links to Internet sites that contain valuable stormwater information.

Center for Watershed Protection
– This nonprofit organization website provides a variety of information and services to the general public and permittees on watershed protection.

City of Tulsa - PACE (Partners for a Clean Environment) Program
– This website provides local resources for individuals, groups and businesses. PACE provides free pollution prevention training, public outreach, and technical assistance to those who have made a commitment to the environment. The program's goal is to reduce the use of hazardous materials and the amount of waste from business, government, and household activities that could pollute Tulsa's water, land, and air.

City of Tulsa Stormwater
– This website guides you through the various stormwater quality programs being implemented by the City of Tulsa, a Phase I stormwater permit city.

EPA Adopt Your Watershed
– This EPA website provides information and resources for local community organizations and individuals to create stream protection programs.

EPA Stormwater Contacts
- This EPA website provides contact information and links to stormwater regulatory resources for EPA headquarters, EPA regions and for each State's permitting authority.

EPA Region 6 Stormwater Website
– This EPA website provides a thorough background of information and resources about urban stormwater pollution for the five-state EPA Region VI.

EPA Stormwater Outreach Materials
– This EPA website has dozens of downloadable files on a variety of topics relating to contaminants from businesses, homes and construction sites as well as brochures on how individuals can help improve water quality.

EPA Stormwater Training and Webcast Series
– Visit this website to sign up for free webcasts of the EPA's popular stormwater series for municipal stormwater managers and interested parties or to access archived webcasts and training materials.

EPA Surf Your Watershed
– Locate your watershed by clicking on map images. Learn about your watershed, and access technical data from various monitoring agencies.

EPA Stormwater Management Research
– This website offers links to technical studies on pollutant impacts, best management practices, low impact development, urban pollution, and engineering designs for pollution control.

EPA What You Can Do
– This website contains many ideas on what individuals can do to help protect water quality in their communities.

INCOG's Water Quality Programs
- This website provides an overview of water quality programs and issues in Northeast Oklahoma in which INCOG is involved.

- The Indian National Council of Governments coordinates the GCSA activities, which include a variety of public education programs, technical assistance, and employee training. The INCOG website provides a variety of other valuable resources including transportation and environmental planning, mapping and graphics, and air quality programs.

Metropolitan Environmental Trust
– This nonprofit organization in Tulsa hosts semi-annual household pollutant collection events and maintains collection centers for household recyclable materials in the Tulsa metropolitan area for the citizens living in M.e.t. member cities. The M.e.t. website also provides information on a variety of environmental topics, including city and county memberships.

ODEQ Stormwater Website
– This ODEQ website focuses on the interests of permitted facilities and, as such, allows individuals to explore the regulatory side of this program.

ODEQ Flex Viewer and Data Viewer
– ODEQ has developed two options for locating data and information about particular environmental resources.  The data files and map layers are searchable by map features using advanced Geographic Information System (GIS) tools.

OSU Low Impact Development – This website at Oklahoma State University provides a wealth of information about this increasingly important field of research and stormwater pollution reduction strategies.

OWRB Beneficial Use Monitoring Program (BUMP) – The Oklahoma Water Resources Board (OWRB) provides archived and current sampling data for all BUMP sites in Oklahoma.

Stormwater Manager's Resource Center
– This site provides a variety of information and services to the general public and permittees on watershed protection.

Sustainable Stormwater Best Management Practices
– The Water Environment Research Federation (WERF) offers creative new ideas on sustainable stormwater practices. The site provides practical tools, frameworks for implementation and planning aids that can be adapted to your community or project.

Understanding the Clean Water Act
– This website provides a simple and effective way to learn about the Clean Water Act, the law upon which all water quality programs in the nation are based.