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The following are links to Internet sites that contain valuable stormwater information.

Center for Watershed Protection
 – This nonprofit organization website provides a variety of information and services to the general public and to permittees on watershed protection. 

City of Tulsa - PACE (Partners for a Clean Environment) Program – Tulsa’s PACE program is a voluntary, non-regulatory program coordinated by the City of Tulsa's Quality Assurance and Stormwater Quality groups. The program recognizes those who go above and beyond environmental regulations, and the website provides links to stormwater resources.

City of Tulsa Stormwater – This website guides you through the various stormwater quality programs being implemented by the City of Tulsa, a Phase I stormwater permit city.

EPA NPDES Stormwater Program - This EPA website provides information about the national stormwater permit program with links to stormwater regulatory and technical resources. 

EPA Region 6 Stormwater Website – This EPA Region 6 website provides information and resources about urban stormwater pollution for the five-state EPA Region 6 area. 

EPA Nonpoint Source Outreach Toolbox – This EPA website has a variety of resources for educating the public on nonpoint source pollution and stormwater runoff. The Toolbox materials can help develop an effective and targeted outreach campaign. 

EPA Summary of the Clean Water Act – This EPA website provides information about the Clean Water Act, the law upon which all water quality programs in the nation are based.

EPA Surf Your Watershed
 – This website provides information about local watersheds including technical data from monitoring agencies. A replacement website is currently in development, with an expected release date in the near future. How’s My Waterway?, Version 2, will incorporate much of SYW's content and expand relevant watershed information.

EPA Stormwater Management and Green Infrastructure Research – This EPA website offers links to technical studies on pollutant impacts, best management practices, low impact development, urban pollution, and engineering designs for pollution control. 

INCOG's Water Quality Programs
 - This website provides an overview of water quality programs and issues in Northeast Oklahoma in which INCOG is involved.

 - INCOG provides GCSA support activities, including help with public education, technical research, and employee training. The INCOG website also provides resources for transportation and environmental planning, mapping and graphics, clean cities and air quality. 

Metropolitan Environmental Trust
 – This nonprofit organization partners with City of Tulsa’s Household Pollutant Collection Facility for year-round collections. The M.e.t. also maintains collection centers for household recyclable materials for the citizens living in M.e.t. member cities. 

DEQ Stormwater Website – This DEQ website provides stormwater permit-related information for municipal, industrial and construction permitted facilities

DEQ Map Data and Data Viewer – DEQ provides data and information about a variety of environmental resources important to stormwater permittees. The data and map layers are searchable by map features using Geographic Information System (GIS) tools.

OWRB Monitoring and Assessment Program – The Oklahoma Water Resources Board (OWRB) provides archived and current sampling data for its monitoring and assessment programs, including its beneficial use monitoring program (BUMP) sites in Oklahoma. 

Great Plains Low Impact Development – This website at Oklahoma State University provides information about research and stormwater pollution reduction strategies.