Educational Materials


The following are downloadable files of stormwater related brochures and fact sheets.  These are free for printing and use by organizations, cities and individuals.  Please apply proper attributions to EPA, INCOG and GCSA as necessary.  Contact the GCSA manager if there are questions about modifications, citations or proprietary aspects of the materials.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Documents

After the Storm
"Greenscaping" Your Lawn & Garden
A Homeowner's Guide to Septic Systems
Household Hazardous Waste: Steps to Safe Management
Plug Into E-Cycling
Protecting Water Quality from Urban Runoff
The Solution to Pollution (PDF Brochure)
Stormwater Structures and Mosquitoes (PDF Fact Sheet)

Green Country Stormwater Alliance (GCSA) Documents

Origins and Fate of PPCPs In the Environment (PDF Fact Sheet)
Phase II Stormwater: Information for City and County Officials (PDF Brochure)
Handling and Disposal of Chemicals at Municipal Sites (PDF Brochure)
Oil, Grease and Fat (PDF Brochure)
Green Country Stormwater Alliance (PDF Brochure)
A Retailers Guide to Pesticide Basics (PDF Brochure)
How to Protect Your Local Watershed (PDF Brochure)
Final Stabilization at Construction Sites: OKR10 Requirements (PDF Brochure)
Community Car Wash Events (PDF Fact Sheet)
A Food Service Guide to Waste Disposal (PDF Brochure)
A Homebuilder's Guide to Erosion Control (PDF Brochure)
A Homeowner's Guide to Protecting Our Water (PDF Brochure)
A Homeowner's Guide to Recycling and Reuse (PDF Brochure)
Municipal Best Management Practices that Protect Our Water (PDF Brochure)
A Pet Owner's Guide to Protecting Our Water (PDF Brochure)

Oklahoma State University (OSU) Documents
Using Vegetation for Erosion Control on Construction Sites
(PDF Fact Sheet)