Stormwater PowerPoint Presentations


INCOG has acquired and created numerous PowerPoint presentations on a variety of stormwater topics and issues. The following have been selected as being the most relevant now that Phase II programs are beginning full implementation. The files linked from this page are Acrobat .pdf versions to reduce download time. Contact INCOG for original PowerPoint file versions, if needed, or to inquire about obtaining additional PowerPoint presentations. INCOG continues to provide customized presentations specific to each permittee for meetings with staff and city councils.

Overview of EPA’s Phase I and II Stormwater Regulations – GCSA 2014

New Stormwater Permit Requirements – CMAO 2014

Overview of Green Country Stormwater Alliance – OK MS4 Conf 2011

ODEQ Proposed Changes to OKR04 for EPA Review – 2014

OKR10 New Requirements for Buffers and Sediment Basins – GCSA 2013

New Requirements for Construction in OKR04 and OKR10 – Rogers Co HBA 2013

GCSA Employee Training 4/16/14 on Inspections, QA and Safety:

OKR04 Requirements for Quality Assurance, Inspections, Monitoring, and Record Keeping

Dry Weather Field Screening Inspection Methods

Source Tracking Inspection Program Elements

Levels of QA, Certifications, Credentials, Defending Your Data

Lab Reports, Field Forms, Labels, and Chain of Custody Forms

Test Kits, Analyses, Written Procedures, and Data Quality Objectives

Field Safety, Private Property Issues, and Credentials

GCSA Employee Training 9/10/13 on Stormwater 101 for 2005 OKR04 REquirements:

Water Quality and Urban Stormwater Pollution Basics

EPA’s 1990 Phase I and 1999 Phase II Stormwater Regulations

Oklahoma’s Phase 1and2 Stormwater Permitsand Permittees

Public Education and Participation

Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination

Construction and Post-Construction Requirements

Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping for MS4 Operations

Future OKR04 Changes and New EPA Regulations

GCSA/ODEQ Training on New OKR04 Requirements - May 20, 2015

OKR04 Outreach Welcome

OKR04 Regulatory History Outreach

OKR04 Permit Overview Outreach

Funding Stormwater Projects

OKR04 What's New/Changed

OKR04 How to Apply

GCSA Training - August 26, 2015

Parks and Open Space

Material Storage and Disposal

Municipal Fleet Maintenance

Land Disturbance Pollution Control

MS4 Maintenance Streets and Drainage

Major Changes in New OKR04

Sampling Required in the New OKR04 Permit

Status of OKR04 Renewal

GCSA Training on New OKR04 Requirements and Applications – November 17, 2015

Timeline of Complying with OKR04

OKR04 Organization & Parts

Different Approaches for New and Existing Permitees

Part III Special Conditions

Part I.E Protected Species and Aquatic Resources of Concern in OKR04

Written Plans, Proceedured, and Guidelines

NOI Form and Attachments Overview

Summary Status and Annual Reports

7th MCM Decisions and OKR10 Requirements

SWMP Overview and Template

GCSA Training on TMDLs, 303(d), QA, Sampling, Data Management, HHP – April 13, 2016

TMDLs 303(d) Types, Requirements, Triggers

Types of Sampling and Monitoring Required in OKR04

Quality Assurance (QA) What, When, How

Written Procedure Requirements in OKR04

Data Sources and Regional Sampling Issues

Rights-of-Way Private Property Entry Issues

The M.e.t. Collection and Recycling Activities


GCSA Training May 19, 2017

OKR04 Issues HHPC & Rain Barrel Sales

ORR04 Employee TRaining REquirements

Hazards Associated with Illegal Dischgarges

Proper Material Storage and Disposal of Wastes

How to Identify and Report Illicit Discharges

Parks and Open Space Maintenance

Municipal Fleet and Building Maintenance

Construction Land Disturbance Pollution Control

MS4 Maintenance (Streets and Drainage Systems)

Prevent and REduce MS4 Pollution

GCSA Employee Training June 12, 2017

Overview of Monitoring & QA Requirements in OKR04

Overview of Performing DWFS and Source Tracking Inspections

Field Measurements, Field Test Kits, and Labratory Analysis

Dry Weather Field Screen (DWFS) Methods and Resources Needed

Source Tracking Methods and Resources Needed

Third Party Data & Regional Sampling

TMDLs 303d Monitoring Types, Requirements, Triggers

Quality Assurance (QA) What, When, How, Resources